Welcome to ThI Studio

We're a game development studio founded by friends who wanted to make video games together. We are currently getting started on our first project.

We are focused on delivering 18+ games with compelling stories and great visuals.


Untitled Visual Novel

18+ Visual Novel

Coming Soon A visual novel with a story about something.

Monster Depot

18+ Hentai Monster Trainer Game

Coming Soon Your family's factory is in danger of going bankrupt and threats from a mysterious person aren't making things easier. In a last ditch effort to save everything, you start hiring monster girls to work for you.


Here we go!

7 November - 2022

Last night, we finally decided on our name and logo so I'm setting up our studio's site. This page will serve as the main public source of info for new games and what we're working on.
But once we get our Patreon set up, that will be the place with the most frequent updates.